Steven N. & Deborah K. Lewis
84 Murphy Lane
Newark Valley, NY 13811-4752

Phone: (607) 642-8421

Characters Customer Kit

Each kitten sold by Characters Cattery will normally go to his or her new home with the following items.


                1. Copy of signed Kitten Sale Agreement
                2. Kitten Feeding and Care Instructions
                3. Veterinary records
                4. Veterinary Health Certificate
                5. Pet Owners Fact Sheet About Rabies
                6. CFA Pre-Paid Registration Application
                7. Characters Certified Pedigree - Sire
                8. Characters Certified Pedigree - Dam
                9. Copy of Article 35-D of the NY General Business Law governing the Sale of Dogs and Cats
                10. Disclosure of Animal Pedigree Registration form
                11. Document Folder
                12. Starter Food
                13. Hair Brush
                14. Toy
                15. Carry Bag for the above
                16. Cardboard Travel Carry Case (if needed)



Last updated: July 5, 2017